THE Northland Strength STORY

Jared & Ashley Mielke - OWNERs

We empower young athletes on the field and off by increasing their confidence and ability to perform. You don’t have to guess anymore about how they should prepare for their upcoming season.

We teach them safe movement patterns that they can directly apply to their sport. We also help them develop mental toughness and teach them how health and fitness will serve them in the long game of life.

And Northland Strength was born in our garage in Hayden, back in January of 2019. Later that summer we moved into our first 800sq ft. warehouse spot off of Hayden Ave. Six months after that we needed more space. So we found a bigger warehouse spot just down the street and moved into our second location in March of 2020. Then, just two weeks after we opened in our new spot, we closed for the 2020 covid shutdown. While we were closed, a great spot on Government Way just south of Prairie Ave. opened up. So we jumped in. We got parking, road frontage + signage, and doubled our size- again. That’s not what we planned, but things happen and sometimes you have to go with it. We’re still in that spot and should be there for at least another year or two. What We Do Our initial solution was small group training for both middle and high school athletes. As we were fairly small, having both age groups together was simple. But as we’ve grown, we’ve learned that we can better serve our athletes by separating those two groups. So we have that change coming this summer. We’ve also had plenty of requests for an elementary age program. So now we’ll be offering training for all athletes, ages elementary through high school. Each age group will have their own times to train and they will be with other kids around their same age and skill level. This will provide the highest level of service for our athletes, AND it will allow us to coach athletes throughout the lifetime of their athletic journey. Oh Yeah, We’ve Started A School! Also happening this year, is the launch of Northland Training Academy. Ashley is putting her many years of experience as a middle and high school teacher to use in the creation of our own private school. Her mission is to prepare students for life. Not just for college and standardized testing alone. Students will have a blend of classical education, exploratory & project based learning, and life skills training. Northland Training Academy goes live in September of 2021. The Future Our vision is to empower the next generation by making them Strong, Confident, & Capable. We plan on being around for quite some time and hope to build tomorrow’s leaders through our services.

OUR coaches

Jared Mielke


Jared started training people a little over 10 years ago when he was a full time firefighter. During that time, he learned that coaching young athletes was his calling. His greatest influences in training are John Welbourn & the crew at Power Athlete HQ, and Zach Even-Esh, the founder of the Underground Strength Gym & training method. When not training Jared can be found hanging out with his family, which usually entails being outside in the mountains.

Ashley Mielke


Ashley has been a Professional Educator since 2004 and loves teaching. Outside of the classroom she loves her own training and any adventure in the wild. She's trained both adults and kids over the years, but loves working with kids the most.

Caleb David


Caleb is a dear friend of ours. He recently graduated from college and moved to CDA so he could learn how to train kids and work with us. He is both Liberian and American, as he was born there. His long term vision is to move back to Liberia in a few years and begin training the students at his parents school that they started in Monrovia, back in 1996. There currently have around 700 students at their school. But until then, he'll be here working with us. And we're thankful to have him.

When Caleb isn’t training people or hanging around the gym, you can find him playing a pick up game around town or hiking out in the woods.

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